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Our team focuses our activities on Remote Sensing, and Land surfaces and Agriculture Applications.
Our expertise is based, mainly, on calibration and validation of satellites products, atmospheric corrections and radiative transfer for science applications.

Atmospheric Corrections

Calibration Validation

Long Term Land Data Records

Agriculture Monitoring

6S Code

Second Simulation of a Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum vector code

RT Codes

Radiative Transfer Codes comparison project


MODIS atmospheric correction group

Latest & Upcoming Events

Skies over ATTO-Campina SKYCAM

New SKYCAM site at University of Valencia, Spain

In 2023, researchers from SALSA, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Valencia, deployed a sky imager in Valencia, Spain.
This deployment is part of the SKYCAM project, which aims to establish a global network of ground-based sky imagers for the study and characterization of clouds.

AGU 2023

11-15 December, 2023
San Francisco, CA, USA

Fall Meeting

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AGU 2023 from Official website

AGU Fall Meeting, December 11th - 15th 2023, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Eric Vermote and Sergii Skakun presented an analysis of the performances of the LaSRC Land Surface Reflectance Landsat 8, 9 And Sentinel 2A, B and Cloud Mask

The Aerosol Microphysical Properties from the AERONET database is available

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